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Citation Mustang vs Phenom 100
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Citation Mustang vs Phenom 100

Citation Mustang vs Phenom 100

Part of the Very Light Jet category, The Citation Mustang and the Phenom 100 are very popular aircraft. From 4 to 5 seats, these jets have a 2-hour range and are ideal for short trips. 


The Citation Mustang is the lightest aircraft in the category with a maximal take-off weight lower than 4 tons allowing it to use less kerosene and benefit from attractive ground fees making it the cheaper than its competitors. The Citation Mustang is also able to fly commercially to airports with shorter runways such as La Môle-Saint-Tropez. 

Number of Seats: 4

Height of Cabin: 1,37m

Luggage Compartment: 1,61m3



Slightly faster than the Mustang, the range of the Phenom 100 is somewhat similar to the range of its competitor. The cabin of the Phenom 100 is spacious and offers 4 reclining seats, separate lavatories and a larger luggage compartment. The price of the phenom 100 is 20 to 30% higher than the price of the Mustang.

Number of Seats : 4 +1

Height of Cabin : 1,50m

Luggage Compartment : 2m3


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