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No.23 - Gourmands go gaga for Gaggan



On the pass

  • Gaggan Anand (pictured) with Rydo Anton

Pastry chef

  • Solanki Roy

Style of food

  • Progressive Indian cuisine

Standout dish

  • Story of the Fish called Kin-Medai


What makes it special: Visitors flock from far and wide to visit the two-time No.1 in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, and it’s not just for Gaggan’s huge personality. The 19-part tasting menu dubbed The Gaggan Experience is as much about exploring unique modern interpretations of Indian cuisine as it is about enjoying the relaxed colonial house atmosphere and the chef’s ebullient company.

What to expect: A meal begins with a multitude of molecular bites, followed by a succession of inventive dishes that each tell their own tale. Red Matcha is a tea ceremony of tomatoes, while The Story of a Fish Called Kin-Medai breaks down a fish from face to fin. I Want My Curry! is served in a traditional Indian tiffin box containing rice, naan and tikka masala.

Cocktail connoisseur: The cocktail selection is as elaborate and creative as the dinner, with delights such as Gaggan’s take on the Indian classic, coconut lassi.

Worth noting: Dreams of a test kitchen came true after recent renovations to the converted house in which the restaurant resides.

Other ventures: Comfort food restaurant Meatlicious opened in Bangkok in late 2015 serving beer, burgers and bites such as ceviche, quinoa salads and Gaggan’s favourite pasta dish. Although the chef is the mastermind behind the venture, it technically belongs to his wife because, being the good Hindu son that he is, Gaggan promised his mother he wouldn’t make money from beef.

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