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The Ledbury

No.14 - A journey in British produce guided by imported Australian Brett Graham

The Ledbury

The Ledbury

On the pass

Brett Graham

Style of food

Modern British

Standout dish

White beetroot


127 Ledbury Road, Notting Hill, London W11 2AQ
+44 20 7792 9090

The chef: Originally from Australia, Brett Graham started cooking in his Newcastle (NSW) hometown at the age of 15. His early career highlight was a subsequent three year-stint with Liam Tomlin in Banc, Sydney, where he bagged the Josephine Pignolet Award, granting him a trip to the UK. Graham opened The Ledbury in central London when he was just 25.

The cuisine: In the chef’s own words, his cuisine is “based around fabulous British produce where possible, with lots of vegetables and wild English game“. One of his most iconic dishes is flame-grilled mackerel with smoked eel, celtic mustard and shiso.

In his free time: Graham enjoys hunting and gardening and goes for regular walks around Richmond Park in southwest London, which is known for its wild deer.

You may not know that… Graham will open a deer park (with a collection of rare white red deer that will form part of the herd) in 2017. Recently, he has also started using a probiotic technique to produce compost made from 100% kitchen waste. These are given out to customers in 5kg bags to take home for their indoor planting or gardening needs.

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