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iPhone X
Apple's IPhone Upgrades

iPhone X

iPhone X

Following the grand opening of the new Cupertino Campus, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook announced the launch of three new Iphones : The Iphone 8, The Iphone 8 Plus and the revolutionary Iphone X.   While both Iphone 8 and 8 plus remain upgrades of existing models with a better resistance to water, and wireless charger, the Iphone X is a whole other thing.

The new star model introduces a series of changes improving the user experience such as the new head to foot super retina display screen, the improved battery life and new charging inductive pad, the upgraded camera to shoot film-style 4K, or the major Face ID update. Exit the codes or fingerprints recognition, the Iphone X can now be unlocked by holding it up to your face. Powerful upgrades expected to redefine the standards of smartphones… 


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