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We understand the importance of your investment, and we fully commit to duly protecting it as well as defending your interest in the best possible way.

As an independent and impartial organization, IBC Aviation guarantees the protection and optimization of your investment.


> Development of operational budget and selection of the most suited operator according to your requirements.

> Negotiation of management contracts, assistance in recruiting flight crew and providing technical follow-up.

> Regular supervision and monitoring of aircraft expenditures incurred by the operator.

> Optimization of revenues due to the commercialization of exclusive charter flight hours by our sales team.

We intervene on your behalf on existing aircraft operations should you question the commercial, technical or financial aspects of the current activity.


> Audit and review of expenditures and revenues generated by the aircraft activity, as well as analysis of the different items in comparison to industry norms.

> Evaluation of aircraft maintenance and analysis of applicable contracts.

> Operator audit including service analysis and overall appraisal in addition to an extended evaluation of strengths and weaknesses. Results and recommendations are reported to the owner.