Heavy Jet vs Ultra Long Range Jets

Cabin's Comparison

    Heavy Jet vs Ultra Long Range Jets

    Cabin's Comparison

    Business jets are organized by categories. From Very light Jet, best for short city hops to Ultra Long Range Jets, used for long flights without a fuel stop, it is essential to select the adapted jets based on travel needs (number of passengers, items of baggage or distance to cover).

    Heavy Jets : 

    Heavy jets offer different range from 6 000 to 8 000km and can perform flights between 6 to 8 hours. These business jets can reach Dubai from Geneva, New York from Paris or Djeddah from London. 

    Based on its layout, the Heavy Jet cabin, with a height of 1,80 to 1,90m,  offers different work and rest areas that can welcome up to 13 passengers. 

    Heavy Jets : 

    Falcon 2000 EX / LX / LXS 

    Falcon 900/LX

    Legacy 600 et 650

    Challenger 604 / 605 / 850. 


    Ultra Long Range jets : 

    The Ultra Long Range jets’ category encompasses aircraft capable of flying 8 500 km to 12 900km without a fuel stop. Spacious and comfortable, these private jets are divided in three working/living and resting areas and offer a cabins’height between 1,85 and 1,95m. 
    The new Global 7500 revolutionized this category by including an actual bedroom as a fourth compartment.

    These aircraft can reach Los Angeles from Paris or Singapour from Geneva without a fuel stop. 

    Types of Ultra Long Range Jets :

    Falcon 7X et 8X

    Global Express 

    Global 6000 / 6500 / 8000 /7500

    G600 / G650 et G650ER. 


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