Private jet



Private jet charter

IBC Aviation accompanies you throughout your private jet charter booking process. Our team filters the market and selects the most adapted aircraft to your travel needs.

Our expertise allows us to be at the forefront of business jet charter services.

Our Philosophy

The Right Solution

For each request, our charter brokers filter the market, analyze opportunities, and provide you with the most suitable solution.

Your Safety First

Each operator is audited by our services to ensure that all safety standards are met.

Our Responsive Team

Available 24/7, our team manages your request and facilitates the organization of your trip.

Tailor-Made Services

Recognized for the quality of its service, our team focuses on delivering custom-made experiences. Aside from chartering the optimal aircraft, the confidentiality of your project is essential; discretion is paramount to us.

IBC Flight Attendant

We guarantee an impeccable onboard service. On selected flight, our very own IBC flight attendants ensure that your preferred gourmet catering requirements are met.

Real-Time Flight Tracking

From our offices in Paris and Geneva, we oversee each mission as it unfolds, and share flight details (positioning of the aircraft, arrival time, weather changes) with your associates or families.

Concierge Services

Our Concierge service is at your disposal to organize all aspects of your travel, including the reservation of exclusive cars, the booking of luxury hotels.


An exclusive access to IBC Aviation and its concierge services.

The IBC card offers preferred access to a European fleet at a fixed fare per flight hour. Up until 24 hours before your flight, IBC aviation guarantees the availability of a business jet in the category of your choice. From Very Light Jet to Ultra Long Range jet, discover our 10, 25, 50 or 100 flight hours’ programs.

The IBC Aviation Advantages

  • Fixed fare per flight hour
  • Flexibility
  • 18-month Validity
  • All-inclusive
  • Upgrades