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Ski resort Switzerland

    Gstaad in a private jet

    Gstaad region offers many activities for visitors in search of winter sensations.  220km of slopes, a glacier at 3000 meters, fun parks, and freestyle elements are few of the perks of spending a winter vacation in Gstaad. The ski resort is divided into 10 different villages located at different altitudes (between 1000 and 1400 meters).

    The ski resort is known for its authentic charms, prestigious properties, and gourmet restaurants.  Every year, it attracts a posh clientele thanks to its winter sports and après-ski activities. From the  Alpina Gstaad to the Ultima Gstaad and the Gstaad Palac, the village offers a selection of five-star hotels to satisfy the visitors.


    Located about 50 km away from Gstaad, Bern is the closest airport. Passengers can choose to rent a helicopter to the Gstaad Inn Grund Helipad or a limousine.

    Helicopter to Gstaad Inn Grund Helipad

    Bern – Gstaad : 30 minutes

    Geneva – Gstaad : 45 minutes

    Sion – Gstaad : 20 minutes

    Limousine Bern – Gstaad: 1H

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