Air Traffic Regulations

Airport and Air Traffic Slots

    Air Traffic Regulations

    Airport and Air Traffic Slots

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    As air traffic gets busier, especially towards popular summer destinations, many airports get overloaded with traffic. Certain European airports use a slot system to manage the operational flow, whereas air traffic is regulated by Eurocontrol. So, what are the different type of slots affecting a departure/arrival time? 

    Airport Slots:

    Upon the organization of a flight, when the client communicates its preferred departure/arrival time, the operations request the corresponding slots to the FBO/Handling of the departure and arrival airports. The airport then grants the slot based on the airport availabilities. The time can be modified but the request for a change remains subject to airport confirmation. 

    Nonexhaustive List of Airports with Slots:


    - CDG

    - Orly

    - Bordeaux

    - Nantes

    - Lyon Satolas

    - Nice

    - Toulouse

    - Cannes  

    - Calvi



    - Zurich

    - Geneva 

    - Basel



    -      All Spanish airports 

    -      All Greek islands airports

    -      All London airports (except Biggin Hill)


    ATC Slots  (Air Trafic Control):

    ATC slots are granted by Eurocontrol, European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation, they are operational slots and can appear when a flight plan is filed. Based on the overflown regions, and air traffic in these areas, Eurocontrol can impose a slot to a particular aircraft. Generally, ATC slots forecast are revealed 12 hours prior to a set departure and the official slot is allocated at D-1. Our team advises passengers to arrive for the initial requested departure time, as an ATC slot can change and sometimes disappear and missing the departure can lead to an additional delay. 

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