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    Which aircraft to charter for group travels ?


    Corporate aviation allows companies or sports clubs to organize group travels while benefiting from the flexibility or VIP services of business aviation flights. These aircraft often vary in capacity and comfort providing a diversified offer based on group size or travel type (distance, comfort).

    Beechcraft 1900D :

    With 19 seats, the 1900D of the American manufacturer Beechcraft's is the smallest corporate aviation aircraft. It is equipped with two turboprop engines and offer a range of approximately 1,600 kilometers. Its cabin height of 1.83m allows passengers to stand up.

    Cabin dimensions :

    • Height: 1m83
    • Width: 1m37
    • Length: 7m70

    Number of seats : 19

    Maximum range : around 1 600 km

    Dornier 328 :

    The German manufactured Dornier 328 can accommodate up to 33 passengers. In its 328-100 version, the aircraft is equipped with two turboprop engines, quieter than its 328JET version fitted with two jet engines.

    Cabin dimensions :

    • Height: 1m90
    • Width: 2m20
    • Length: 10m35

    Number of seats : 33 passengers maximum

    Maximum range : around 1480 km

    Embraer 135 / 145 :

    The two models of the Brazilian manufacturer Embraer are aircraft used both in corporate and commercial aviation (for regional or national flights).
    The model 135 is based on the model 145 with a shortened wheelbase of 3.60 m. It offers 37 seats in its “economy version” and 28 to 30 seats in its “economy plus” version. The Embraer 145 is fitted with up to 50 seats in its “economy” version and 33 to 40 seats in its “economy plus version”.
    The two aircraft are both equipped with jet engines.

    Cabin dimensions Embraer 135 :

    • Height: 1m82
    • Width: 2m10
    • Length: 12m80

    Number of seats : 37 passengers maximum

    Maximum range : around 2500 km

    Cabin dimensions Embraer 145 :

    • Height: 1m82
    • Width: 2m10
    • Length: 16m40

    Number of seats : 50 passengers maximum

    Maximum range : around 2900 km

    Fokker 100 :

    The Fokker 100 offers up to 109 seats. With a range of 4,300 kilometers, the aircraft is a popular alternative for large group travels.

    Cabin dimensions :

    • Height: 2m02
    • Width: 3m10
    • Length: 25m

    Number of seats : 109 passengers maximum

    Maximum range : around 4300 km

    Boeing 737 :

    The Boeing 737 fitted for corporate aviation offers 50 to 190 seats. In its “economy” version the 737 can accommodate over 100 passengers, and 40 to 60 in its “Business” configuration.

    Cabin dimensions :

    • Height: 2m15
    • Width: 3m54

    Number of seats : 150 passengers maximum

    Maximum range : around 5770 km

    Saab 340 :

    The 340 model of the multidisciplinary Swedish manufacturer Saab is an aircraft intended for commercial aviation, but also used by corporate aviation. The Saab 340 is equipped with two turboprop engines offering a range of 1,700 kilometers. The aircraft can accommodate a group of 35 passengers for short range flights at competitive prices.

    Cabin dimensions :

    • Height: 1m80
    • Width: 2m20
    • Length: 10m40

    Number of seats : 35 passengers maximum

    Maximum range : around 1700 km

    Airbus A340 :

    The Airbus 340 VIP version designed for corporate aviation offers a large range of 13,000 kilometers. In its VIP version, the A340 can accommodate up to 100 passengers in “Business” seating.

    Cabin dimensions :

    • Height: 2m40
    • Width: 5m30
    • Length: 64m

    Number of seats : 100 passengers maximum (with different seats categories)

    Maximum range : 13000km

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