BBJ 777-X

Boeing Business Jet

    BBJ 777-X

    Boeing Business Jet

    Last December, at MEBAA 2018 in Dubai, the business jet branch of the American manufacturer Boeing, Boeing Business Jet, introduced their brand-new private aircraft the BBJ 777-X. Capable of flying more than halfway around the world, the 777-x, can directly connect any city in the world. 


    The jet will be available in two versions. The 777-8 offers a cabin of 302.5 square meter and a maximum range of 21’570km. The 777-9 present 342.7 square meter of luxurious layout, with a slightly reduced range of 20'370km. 


    The design of the cabin have been imagined by three agencies – Jet Aviation, Unique Aircraft Design and Greenpoint Technologies displaying different outlook on the configuration of the spacious cabin. 


    The BBJ 777-x is expected to be delivered in 2020. 


    Photo Credit : Boeing

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