Business Aviation and Turboprop

    Business Aviation and Turboprop


    Turboprop aircraft are equipped with one or two propeller engines allowing them to operate on difficult terrains. 

    The advantages of turboprop aircrafts: 

    • Reliability: Propeller engines are as reliable as turbine engines. 
    • Cost efficiency: These aircraft are often a competitive alternative private jet. 
    • Take-off and landing performances: Turboprop are able to reach more airports than private jet. 



    Piaggio is one of the oldest aircraft manufacturers in the world. Founded in 1915, the Italian company is a pioneer in the turboprop jets conception with its legendary aircraft, the Piaggio Avanti. Today, the Italian manufacturer unveiled its fourth version of the aircraft, the Avanti Evo. This new model can welcome up to 8 passengers - 6-passengers being the most common configuration - and offer a range of  2,700 kilometers. 

    Avanti Evo: 

    Cabin dimensions: 

    • Height: 1,75 m 
    • Width: 1,85 m 
    • Length: 4,55 m

    Number of seats: 6 passengers

    Maximum range: around 2,700 kilometers 



    The Swiss manufacturer Pilatus is a main actor in the construction of aircraft equipped with turboprop engines thanks to the very popular PC-12. Indeed, the PC-12 is able to welcome 9 passengers maximum – a common configuration can accommodate 6 passengers with luggage or 8 passengers without luggage – and offer a 2,900 kilometers’ range. The Swiss manufacturer introduced at the last NBAA show a new version of its model, the PC-12 NGX. Few updates on the NGX: a brand-new engine supplied by Pratt & Whitney and a redesigned interior by BMW’s Design Studio with new portholes inspired by its big brother the PC-24.

    PC-12 NGX:

    Cabin dimensions: 

    • Height: 1,45 m 
    • Width: 1,52 m 
    • Length: 5,16 m

    Number of seats: 6 to 8 passengers

    Maximum range: around 2,900 kilometers (with 6 passengers according to manufacturer’s data)



    Founded in 1932, the American manufacturer Beechcraft is a pioneer in the conception of turboprop aircraft, especially with its King Air line and its King Air 200 model. Commercialized since 1974, the King Air 200 has undergone numerous modifications and updates leading to its latest versions the B200GT presented in 2007 at EBACE. The aircraft can welcome 8 passengers in its cabin and offers a 3,000 kilometers range. As most of its competitors, the King Air 200 can take off and land on short runways. 

    King Air 200: 

    Cabin dimensions: 

    • Height: 1,45 m 
    • Width: 1,37 m 
    • Length: 5,08 m

    Number of seats:  8 + 1 passengers

    Maximum range: around 3,000 kilometers 


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