Charter a commercial aircraft

Privatize an aircraft for a group journey

    Charter a commercial aircraft

    Privatize an aircraft for a group journey

    IBC Aviation, with its experience in business aviation, also offers its services for rental corporate aviation, two separate but complementary activities within IBC Aviation.

    Corporate aviation is made for a clientele wishing to privatize a plane for a group of people with services of quality similar to those offered in business aviation. It is today an alternative to regular lines.

    Indeed, these planes’ capacities of reception ranging from 30 to 200 people, according to the type of plane. What are the advantages for groups of people to use corporate aviation at the expense of regular airlines? What are the different types of devices offered? For what type of trip?

    Why chartering an aircraft for a group? 

    Groups who are traveling via regular airlines, are subject to many constraints such as waiting times (departure and arrival) and schedules. Privatizing an airplane offers greater flexibility, whether in choosing schedules or airports, and minimizes wait times at the airport.

    The other advantage of privatizing a commercial aircraft is the possibility for the organizers to personalize it. It is possible to decorate the airplane in the colors chosen by the organizers (flocking of the plane, setting up logo headstands, etc ...).

    We can also offer to organize activities on board, such as broadcasting videos (corporate seminar videos, press releases, etc ...), distributing goodies, speaking in front of passengers, etc ...

    Catering on board can also be adapted according to the tastes and / or specifications of the passengers.

    Chartering a commercial aircraft allows a great flexibility, a considerable time saving, and a personalized service adapted to your needs.

    You can get a price as competitive as the regular line with a tailored service.

    Which cabin to choose for group?

    We offer you a non-exhaustive list of aircraft with different capacities of reception and autonomy.

    Saab 340: 32 seats with an approximately range of 1700 kilometers.
    Embraer 145: 49 seats with a range of approximately 2900 kilometers.
    Fokker 100: 109 seats with a range of approximately 4300 kilometers.
    Boeing 737: 150 seats with a range of between 3000 and 6200 kilometers depending on the aircraft.

    For what type of trip?

    • VIP trip
    • Private events (wedding, birthday, ...)
    • Corporate trips (conference, seminar, team building, ...)
    • Sporting Movements (professional team, federation, supporters ...)
    • Road Show, press trip

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