Falcon 7X vs Falcon 8X


    Falcon 7X vs Falcon 8X


    Since the 1970’s, the French manufacturer Dassault offers a wide range of Falcon aircraft to its customers and has quickly become a reference in the business aviation world. 

    Over the past ten years, the French brand has unveiled 3 aircraft types : the Falcon 7X, the  Falcon 8X, and the Falcon 6X  (recently featured in our on-line Magazine). 


    The Falcon 7X and the Falcon 8X belong to the Ultra-Long Range Jets category which include aircraft having a minimum range of 8,500 km, a seat capacity greater than 12 and a minimum height of cabin of 1.85m.


    Both aircraft have similar cabin with heights of 1.88m and widths of 2.34m, however the length of cabin of the 8X  exceeds the length of cabin of the 7X ( 13m vs 11.91m).  


    The major difference between the two aircraft is the autonomy. The Falcon 7X has a range of 11,000km.the Falcon 8X,  with its additional tank and powerful engines, offers a range of 11,945 km - 8.6% higher than that of the 7X. 

    The Falcon 8X is a more powerful version of the 7X, which can directly link Paris to Buenos Aires while the 7X can connect without fuel stop Paris and Rio de Janeiro. 

    Photo Credit : Fingerhut/Shutterstock.com -  RoxTravels / Shutterstock.com

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