Green alternatives in business aviation

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Following the steps of numerous industries, the aviation sector is looking for ways to become more sustainable. The R&D departments of aircraft manufacturers, engine manufacturers, and other industry players are looking for ways to integrate greener technologies and reduce CO2 emissions. 


Alternative fuels:

Nowadays, most aircraft use kerosene, a very much regulated fuel for storage or use. Over the past few years, a new alternative to kerosene known as biofuel has emerged. Eco-friendlier, this fuel type is known to reduce CO2 emissions. 

Hybrid engines:

This system is a major step in reducing carbon dioxide emissions as hybrid engines consume less than current alternatives. Many aircraft and engine manufacturers are developing hybrid-powered planes; however, no legislation is yet in place to market this new fleet. This innovative solution is considered a steppingstone to a more durable switch to kerosene-free engines. 

Electric and hydrogen motors:

To overcome future environmental challenges, the aviation sector has looked into a new generation of engines that are 100% electric or fueled by hydrogen cells. Numerous flight tests have already been carried out on smaller planes to evaluate these new-energy engines. The main concern on these technologies relates to the weight of batteries as it could negatively impact the flight range of an aircraft. 

Design & Procedures:

Today, aircraft manufacturers focus on the concept of "eco-design" to reduce the environmental impact of an aircraft cycle. 

They also study the integration of lighter and less polluting materials to lower the CO2 emissions of an operating aircraft while maintaining its performance. 

The green revolution is well underway as industry players are improving aircraft design, testing new engines and looking for alternatives to become more sustainable now and in the future.  

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