Midsize Jet vs Super Midsize Jet

Cabin's Comparison

    Midsize Jet vs Super Midsize Jet

    Cabin's Comparison

    To meet the various needs of business aviation users, aircraft manufacturers have developed several types of business jets. 

    All private jets belong to a specific category as follows: Very Light Jet, Light jet, Midsize jet, Super Midsize Jet, Heavy Jet, and Ultra Long Range Jet. Midsize and Super Midsize Jets are the most used categories across Europe, and each differs in range or cabin. 

    Charter a Midsize Jet :

    Aircraft from the Midsize category offer 6 to 8 seats and a maximum range of 4’700km or 4 to 5 hours’ flight time (which fluctuates based on the number of passengers onboard). These cabins can connect Paris to Athens or London to Moscow.

    A look inside shows that the average cabin’s height in this category varies between 1.50m and 1.73m. The volume of luggage compartment tops at 2.5 m3 for some aircraft like the Citation Excel, Citation XLS or XLS +, allowing clients to bring on average 4 large suitcases and 4 carry-ons.

    Midsize Jets: Learjet 45 - Hawker 750 - Hawker 800 - Hawker 900 - Citation Excel - Citation XLS+ - Legacy 450  Legacy 500 - G200

    Charter a Super Midsize jet :

    Super Midsize Jets offer 7 to 9 seats depending on the configuration and type of aircraft. Jets in that category exceed the maximum range of Midsize jets and can travel up to 6,200 kilometers or 5 to 6 hours based on the number of passengers onboard.  The cabins of Super Midsize Jets allow most travelers to stand up with a minimum height of 1.70m and a maximum of 1.90m on certain aircraft. The volume of the luggage compartment is around 3.5 m3 on average, making it 40% larger than that of the Midsize category. Finally, passengers flying on Super Midsize Jets can benefit from the VIP service of a flight attendant. 

    Super Midsize Jets: Citation X - Citation Sovereign - Hawker 4000 - Challenger 300 - Challenger 350 – Legacy 450 – Legacy 500 – Citation Latitude

    These categories offer comfort, performance, and are ideal for trips within Europe. Contact our team at +33 1 41 69 88 88 or via email at to charter a Midsize or Super Midsize jet.

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