NBAA 2019

    NBAA 2019

    Main business aviation meeting in North America, the NBAA took place this year from October 22-24 in Las Vegas. This year, numerous innovations have been unveiled such as new aircraft models or solutions towards a "greener" aviation. 

    Gulfstream introduced its brand new G700:

    The 2019 NBAA edition saw the introduction of the Gulfstream G700, the latest creation of the American manufacturer. Designed to be the new flagship of the Gulfstream fleet, the G700 is expected to become a reference in the Ultra Long Range Category. 

    The aircraft, an evolution of the G-650 is set to compete with other recent additions to the private jet market such as the Bombardier Global 7500. 

    The G700 offers a 17.4 meters long and 2.5 meters high cabin combining quiet and naturally lit spaces thanks to its 20 panoramic oval windows, the visual signature of the American manufacturer. 

    Additionally, Gulfstream announces numerous records for its brand new aircraft with 13,890 km range at a speed of Mach 0.85 or 11,850 km at Mach 0.90. The G700 will be equipped with new engines designed in partnership with Rolls-Royce.

    The first deliveries of the G700 are planned for 2022.


    Pilatus PC-12 NGX:

    Pilatus introduced the PC-12 NGX, evolution of the PC-12, a reference in the turboprop category. The NGX is fitted with new turboprop engine manufactured by Pratt & Whitney. 

    In the cabin, the PC-12 NGX offers a new interior completely redesigned. Six different possible configurations have been developed in partnership with BMW Designworks. The new seats offer better ergonomics, and the windows are inspired by the PC-24 to improve natural light in the cabin. The first deliveries of the PC-12 NGX are scheduled for the second half of 2020. 


    Towards a greener future:

    The main objective of business aviation key players is to find eco-friendly solutions to improve the environmental standards of the industry. 

    In recent years, a new type of aircraft fuel produced without oil and more environmentally friendly than kerosene,  has been developed. 

    The SAF or « Sustainable Aircraft Fuel » allows for a decrease of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and better durability of aircraft engines. 

    All aircraft presented at the NBAA 2019 or at EBACE 2019 had used the sustainable aircraft fuel to attend the events in order to limit their ecological footprint. 

    The 2019 edition of NBAA also showcased new alternatives to conventional fuel engines such as electric and hydrogen engines still in developing phases. 


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