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Companies or individuals looking to use business aviation to optimize their travels, have two alternatives. The first option is to charter a jet - rent a private jet from a charter broker - while the second option is to acquire an aircraft.  

These two systems have their advantages and drawbacks.  Evidently, purchasing an aircraft is more expensive than renting one, and remains a better option in very few cases. 

Buying a private jet ….

Buying a private jet is an important decision, as an aircraft costs at least 5 million euros. The most popular private jet for purchase is the Phenom 300. With 7-seats and a range of 3’500km, the aircraft sells for 8 million Euros. According to business aviation experts, buying a private jet is only profitable if the buyer travels for at least 300 hours annually or cover about 700'000 km per year. 

Additionally, buying an aircraft is only the first step, other costs associated with aircraft maintenance, crew, fuel, servicing, parking, various taxes, and yearly depreciation should not be overlooked when making this decision. 

Once the purchase process is complete, the owner can place the aircraft with an operator and keep it solely for its own personal use, or allow the operator to commercialize it. By being charter friendly, the owner of an aircraft can expect to reduce the maintenance’s costs of the aircraft, which can be very high depending on the type of aircraft. 

…Or chartering a private jet? 

Comparatively, chartering a business jet remains the least expensive solution, and offers an increased flexibility on the type of aircraft choice. This alternative allows clients to select, based on their needs for a specific trip, the most adapted aircraft among various private jet categories. For example, a client wishing to fly from Paris to Geneva can select a very light jet Citation Mustang or Phenom 100, however when flying from Paris to Dubai with 5 other passengers, that same client should charter a larger aircraft with a spacious cabin and a longer range.

Thanks to this method, the client can rent aircraft at a price in line with its needs for each specific travel.

Where to find private jet available for charter?

Certain operators have their own fleet, while others provide a management service and focus on chartering aircraft on behalf of the owners. As private jet brokers, our team relies on a trustworthy network of operators selected on strict service and safety criteria, to find the aircraft tailored to your needs. 

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