Super Versatile Jet


    Super Versatile Jet

    Latest addition to the fleet of the Swiss manufacturer Pilatus, the PC-24 was revealed to the public in 2013 at the EBACE show in Geneva. Following 3 years of testing and tuning, the PC-24 arrived on the market early 2018 after receiving its certificate of compliance.  The aircraft inaugurates a new category described by the manufacturer as "Super Versatile Jet",


    Its main advantage? The twin-engine has the ability to land in over 10,500 airports worldwide, accessing terrains rarely used by most private jets. 

    Its cabin has a length of 7.01m, a height of 1.55m and width of 1.69m. The aircraft offers 6 seats, and is able to fly over 3 400 km, connecting Paris to Cairo or London to Moscow.


    The Pilatus PC-24 is a true innovation in business aviation, combining the comfort of a midsize cabin and  outstanding performances, at the price of a light jet. 


    Contact our team at IBC Aviation to charter a PC-24 and get closer to your final destination. 


    Photo Credit : Pilatus 

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