Steps to organizing a private jet flight

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Aviation is a heavily regulated industry and a private jet flight must be carefully planned and organized for flawless passenger experience. Once our team receives a confirmation for a private jet flight, the dedicated account manager undertakes many steps to anticipate, verify and follow-up on every aspect until the aircraft safely reaches its final destination. 

Once a client contacts our team with a private jet request, the account manager must obtain a series of precise information to offer the aircraft adapted to the client's budget, the requested itinerary, the number of passengers and luggage, the on-board services, and any other specific requests. 

When the aircraft is selected and the trip confirmed, the account manager must obtain all travel information and valid documents from the client, and verify with the operator all aspects of the flight. 

Based on the trip, the below details must be taken into consideration: 

  • The country and the final destination. 
  • The various permissions to operate on the desired airport. 
  • The confirmation of the slots (hours of departure/arrival) requested by the client. 
  • The airports hours of operations, eventual requests for extensions and fees associated with such requests. 
  • Overflight permissions per country if outside EU. 
  • Valid passports and visas. 
  • Passport and medical records for all pets onboard. 
  • Onboard Services & catering wishes. 
  • The number of luggage and size if necessary. 
  • Parking availability or repositioning fees. 
  • Terminals Selection
  • Weather conditions 

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