Top 5 of our Most-Chartered Aircraft

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    Top 5 of our Most-Chartered Aircraft

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    As the year unfolds, our team takes a look back at the aircraft frequently chartered by our clients.  Practical, affordable or spacious, what aspects make certain aircraft top references in their categories? 


    Citation Mustang, the affordable private jet.


    Ideal aircraft for shorter flights, the Citation Mustang offers outstanding take-off/landing performances. The Mustang is a practical aircraft, capable of operating on shorter runways. 

    Cabin Space:

    The cabin has been optimized and provides seating for 4 passengers in a club-4 arrangement. 

    Types of Itineraries:

    Paris – Lyon 

    London City – Berlin

    Geneva – Madrid 



    Phenom 300, the versatile and modern private jet


    Although part of the Super Light Jet category, the Phenom 300 is a true competitor to Midsize Jets due to its range and its lower operating costs. 

    Cabin Space:

    Designed by BMW, the sleek interior of the Phenom 300 is made up of 7 seats, substantial luggage space, and separate toilets. 

    Types of Itineraries:

    London City – Rome 

    Paris Le Bourget – Moscow

    Geneva – Ibiza 



    Citation Excel, the reliable private jet.


    The Citation Excel is a fast aircraft capable of operating on short runways and, a reference in its category. Its low operating costs make the Citation Excel an excellent choice for 3 to 4 hour-trip. 

    Cabin Space:

    Its spacious cabin offers up to 8 seats, numerous luggage space, and separate toilets. Its configuration with a club 4 followed by 2 seats, and a sofa for 2 facing the door, is ideal to work or rest on-board. Its height of cabin of 1,73m allows passengers to move around the cabin freely. Its luggage space can hold a large number of suitcases. 

    Types of Itineraries:

    Paris Le Bourget – Marrakesh 

    London Luton – Figari 

    Geneva – Istanbul 



    Falcon 2000, the flexible private jet 


    Part of the Heavy Jet category, the Falcon 2000 is a versatile aircraft ideal for medium to long haul trips.  

    Cabin Space:

    The Falcon 2000 offers seatings for up to 10 passengers in 3 different areas. The aircraft is equipped with extra-large seats and a stand-up cabin. At night, 6 beds can be prepared by the flight attendant. 

    Types of Itineraries:

    Paris le Bourget – New York

    Geneva – Dubai 

    London Luton – Brazzaville 


    Falcon 7X, the high-end private jet


    Its operating capabilities allow the Falcon 7X to reach airports with shorter runways, and perform long-haul flights, when other aircraft from the Ultra Long Range Category cannot. 

    Cabin Space:

    The Falcon 7x offers 3 distinct areas suited to welcome 12 to 14 passengers. Two areas in the main cabin and one in the aft cabin allowing for more confidentiality. 

    The Falcon7x is fitted with a fully equipped galley, a large luggage compartment and two toilets (front & back). The on-board service is carried out by a flight attendant. 

    At night, 6 beds can be made for a restful journey.

    Aircraft interior:

    London Luton - Los Angeles 

    Paris Le Bourget - Shanghai

    Geneva - Johannesburg



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