European Exhibitions


    European Exhibitions


    Every year, numerous exhibitions take place in all major European cities throughout the year.  Below is a selection of our top 4 exhibitions of 2019. 


    Pierre Bonnard, the color of memory, at Tate Modern in London:

    Known for his unconventional use of colors, Pierre Bonnard along with Matisse, remains one of the greatest colourist of the twentieth century. The exhibition “The Color of Memory” will end on May 6th at the Tate Modern in the heart of London.

    Jeff Koons exhibition at Ashmolean Museum in Oxford:

    Famous for his sculpted works and modern designs, Jeff Koons focuses on magnifying everyday objects by turning them into true works of art. The retrospective on one of the greatest artists alive contains over 17 artworks. The exhibition is held in the heart of the university campus of Oxford, in the Ashmolean Museum and will end on June 09th.


    Hockney - Van Gogh, the joy of nature, at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam:

    Inspired by Van Gogh, the British artist David Hockney shares with him an artistic vision including a fascination for landscapes, the use of vivid colors and a focus on perspective. The exhibition can be visited until May 26, 2019 at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.


    Exhibition Masterpieces, at the Museum of Boverie in Liège:

    The exhibition will bring together over 250 paintings and sculptures with artworks by the greatest artists such as Monet or Picasso and Belgian artists such as René Magritte or Paul Delvaux. The exhibition is meant to be a dialogue between the eras and the different artistic movements that made up the past. The museum of Boverie is home to this exhibition starting August 18, 2019 in Liège.

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