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IBC Aviation

    Concierge Services

    IBC Aviation

    In addition to our business aviation expertise, we offer concierge services to provide clients with tailor-made experiences.  Designing travel itinerary, organizing all helicopter and car transfers or booking luxury establishments, our team manages all aspects of your journey.

    Time is precious, our concierge helps you make the most of every second. 

    Security Services:

    Personal protection services to ensure the safety and confidentiality of all your travels. 

    Tailor-Made Travels:

    Our concierge service works hand in hand with our luxury travel partner Dupont & Jensen to craft your ideal journey. Exceptional destinations, luxury hotels and villas, yachts reservations or exclusive events, each element of your travel is carefully planned for an unforgettable experience. 

    Luxury Car Service:

    Our global network allows us to organize all your car transfers from your point of departure to your final destination in luxury vehicle. 

    Helicopter Transfer:

    Numerous airports in France and around the world have complex terrains preventing certain aircraft from operating there. Therefore, in order to get to your final destination, our team is available to organize your helicopter transfer and oversee your entire journey for a flawless experience.

    IBC Aviation Concierge Services:

    Our team is at your disposal 24/7 to provide you with unparalleled service at +33 1 41 69 88 88, or at 






    IBC Aviation

    Founded by business aviation experts, IBC Aviation offers solutions for all VIPs’ travel needs. We charter the finest planes on all five continents and each flight is supervised by one of our representatives from start to finish.
    Our team accompanies you throughout the aircraft sale or acquisition process, and advises you on aircraft management operations.

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