Falcon 2000 EX/LX

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A few versions of the Falcon 2000 are currently on the market: Falcon 2000 EX, Falcon 2000LX, Falcon 2000S, Falcon 2000 LX & LXS.

Based on its lay-out, the Falcon 2000 series generally offers seating for up to 10 passengers. The aircraft is equipped with extra-large seats and a stand-up cabin.

Falcon 2000EX

Fitted with new engines, the Falcon 2000 EX gains both speed, and range while being able to fly at a higher altitude than its predecessors.

Falcon 2000 LX

The Falcon 2000 LX is a comfortable aircraft with improved performances. The wings of the Falcon 2000 LF are equipped with winglets reducing the impact of turbulences, and allowing to save fuel and extend its range.

The Falcon 2000S

The cabin of the Falcon 2000 S is similar to the Falcon 2000LX. The falcon 2000S has outstanding performances at slower speed, allowing it to reduce its landing distance by 700 meters and reach 50% of business aviation airports.

Falcon 2000 LXS

The Falcon LXS combines the range of the Falcon 2000LX and the landing performances of the Falcon 2000S. The cabin offers many new features such as noise reducers.

IBC Aviation tips

Part of the Heavy Jet category, the Falcon 2000 line is a versatile aircraft ideal for medium to long-haul trips.
9h / 7500
Bagages soute:
Bagages cabine:
Hauteur cabine:
2 pilots + 1 flight attendant
Falcon 2000 EX/LX
Falcon 2000 EX/LX cabine

The information contained herein is provided as a guide only.
The aircraft range may change based on the total weight on board (passengers & luggage), and weather conditions on the day of the flight.
The baggage allowance may vary based on the number of passengers and the itinerary.

Range of Falcon 2000 EX/LX

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