Private Jet & Luggage: what can you bring onboard?

Checked baggage  in a private jet Checked baggage in a private jet


Upon selecting the private jet adapted to your request, our team evaluates several parameters such as the number of seats, the range of the aircraft, and the capacity of the luggage hold. 

Each private jet category offers an average luggage hold which can vary from one aircraft type to another. At IBC Aviation, we recommend that you inform your charter advisor of the number or format of the luggage you wish to bring onboard. 

The below information is provided as a guide only, the weight of luggage can also impact flight range if the requested itinerary approaches the range of the aircraft. 



The luggage holds of turboprop aircraft can generally accommodate 4 suitcases.

Aircraft in the turboprop category:


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Pilatus PC-12

Piaggio Avanti


The Very Light Jets:

These entry-level jets offer luggage holds that can accommodate up to 4 suitcases.

Aircraft in the Very Light Jets category: 


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Citation Mustang

Phenom 100

Citation M2


The Light Jets:

Private jet in this category can accommodate 6 to 8 pieces of luggage depending on the aircraft type. 

Aircraft in the Light Jets category:

LightJet Ang

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Citation CJ2 +

Citation CJ3

Citation CJ4

Phenom 300

Hawker 400XP 


The Midsize Jets:

The private jets in this category can accommodate ten pieces of suitcases depending on the aircraft selected.

Airplanes in the Midsize Jets category:

Midsizejet ANG

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Hawker 900 XP

Citation XLS +

Pilatus PC-24

Learjet 45

Citation Excel 

Hawker 750/800


The Super Midsize Jets:

The Super Midsize Jets category offers a large luggage hold capacity that can accommodate 10 to 14 pieces of suitcase depending on the aircraft type. 

Aircraft in the Super Midsize Jets category:


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Citation X

Legacy 450

Citation Sovereign

Citation Latitude

Hawker 4000

Challenger 300

Challenger 350


The Heavy Jets:

The first category of private jet able to perform transatlantic flights, these aircraft offer large luggage compartments that can accommodate up to 18 suitcases. 

Aircraft in the Heavy Jets category:


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Challenger 604/605

Challenger 650

Falcon 2000 EX / LX

Embraer Legacy 600/650

Challenger 850

Falcon 900

Global 5000


The Ultra Long-Range Jets:

Specialized in long-range flights, aircraft in this category can offer storage for up to 20 suitcases. 

Aircraft in the Ultra Long Range Jets category:


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Falcon 7X

Falcon 8X

Global 6000

Gulfstream G650

ACJ A319 corporate


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